Cryonics and Creativity

Natasha V. More (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 19:58:22 -0500

Dear transhumans:

Over the years, there have been innovations in cryonics not only from a
technological standpoint, but also by ideas developed through various
mediums and approached in countless ways.

We have innovative writings such as Ettinger's _The Prospect of Immortality_
and "Man into Superman_.

Fred and Linda Chamberlain starting Alcor Foundation, Max More starting
Mezar, Paul Wakfer's Prometheus Project, and ideas into articles by Mike
Darwin and Steve Harris.

There is science fiction such as _Chiller_ by Benford, _Tech-Heaven_ by
Nagata, and _The Door Into Summer_ by Heinlein.

There is biographical accounts such as _Great Mambo Chicken and the
Transhuman Condition_ by Regis.

Also, television and film: _Late for Dinner_, both "Picket Fences" and L.A.
Law" episodes dealing with cryonics.

There are innovative actions such as outsmarting the Riverside Coroner's
office in preserving Dora Kent's head. And services such as starting of
Cryonet by Kevin Brown.

Can anyone suggest creative undertakings about or relating to cryonics?


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