Re: Anarchy and spontaneous order in business and education

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 21:11:47 -0400

Robin Hanson wrote:
> Carl Feynman writes:
> >>I've always been curious why IQ scores don't appear on resumes.
> >
> >In 'The Bell Curve' is an appendix which claims to explain the tortured
> >history of using tests (including IQ) as a method of employee selection. It
> >would appear that all tests on which blacks score lower than whites on the
> >average have been banned, as being discriminatory. This doesn't explain why
> >IQ scores do not appear on resumes outside the US, however.
> The claim is that I would be arrested for placing my IQ score on my resume?
> Similarly for putting "Mensa" under org memberships?
> I find such claims hard to believe.

I think its more a matter of psychology on the part of the personnel
manager. I mean, what sort of person has a goal in life of becoming a
director of human resources? I'll bet its someone who did poorly on an
IQ test and enjoys jerking around the lives of people more skilled and
intelligent than they are. Job applicants would therefore be smart to
not mention their intelligence. I've also noticed this same phenomenon
on the part of department heads. They never want to hire someone smarter
than they are, unless they are that rare non-egotistical type...

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