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<< > Robert A. Wilson
> Willow St. RR 6 Box 207
> Salem, IN 47167
> General Class Exp. 5-19-97
> Born 12-4-1910 (87 years old)

well, since RAW is a 60-somethiin year old resident of
CA, i doubt these two ppl are one in the same ...
it is a very funny occurrence, >>

I wonder how _Contact's_ screen writers chose that call sign? Could it
possibly be coincidence? I wonder if they realize what they did is so

They had to choose a W9--- since Ellie was born in De Pere, Wisconsin and
apparently lived there. I was born 40 miles from De Pere and built my house
one mile from De Pere (another coincidence?) My father's call sign was

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July 21, 1997
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