Rick Knight (
Mon, 21 Jul 97 00:33:54 CST

E Shaun Russell ranted:

When posts are made that insult (extropian) memes, it insults each
individual is insulting each extropian's way of life.
When claims are made that one is more extropian than another, it
breaches that respect which is ever so important. When a
person does not possess the few mandatory memes mentioned above yet
claims to be an extropian, that is a disgrace to the lifestyle. When
one worships mystical beliefs that are not provable and have no
reason, then that person should not call themselves extropian. =20

By ranting like this, I am extrapolating upon the way *I* live and my
perspectives. I hope that I have not offended anyone by involuntarily
trespassing on the grounds of *their* perspectives. If I have stepped
on any toes, please tell me won't hurt me.

Rick responds:

It's a modest little think tank e-mail digest, not a front page slam.
My advice is to relax a bit, step back and look at (and even enjoy)
the interesting sociological dichotomy of the personalities and the
way they respond. Look at how you yourself have responded.
Extropians insulted? I was under the impression that what set them
apart was their extraordinary ability to transcend, including rising
above the ostensibly petty slings and arrows of those who would deride
them. Personally, the confidence in my own intelligence and even the
systems of belief I've woven is armor enough against belligerent or
hostile exchanges I may encounter in cyberspace. And that's another
thing, you're reading text, likely from folks you've never even met.
We can infuse *so much* drama into words that were never intended.
Looks to me that the only toes you might be stepping on are your own.