RANT: Insolence etc.

E. Shaun Russell (e_shaun@uniserve.com)
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 22:24:44 -0700

Few things make me mad; I often get frustrated, but there is truly
very little that maddens me...one of the things that *does* make me mad
--even on a mailing list-- is insolence.

It is in my opinion that one should always respect another and hold
him or her in high regard until he\she breaches that respect. I also think
that one should respect another's beliefs or views to some extent...not
barring questioning the fundamental core values of that person's beliefs.
However, one thing that I always hope to see in every person I meet is the
acknowledgement of reason --*why* they do the things they do and believe
what they believe. When I come across a person who *can't* or *doesn't*
acknowledge the reasons for their beliefs or actions, I cannot accurately
communicate with that person...it is almost futile for me to even try. [As
many may have noticed, I'm skirting around the point to ensure that this
"rant" is not ad hominem.]

Extropy is probably the broadest lifestyle that the words "belief
system" or "philosophy" can apply to. This is because of the few mandatory
memes that make up the philosophy...these memes are so taken for granted
that they are almost taboo --particularly to those who have been familiar
with the philosophy for a considerable amount of time. One of these few
mandatory memes is reason. All extropians --or those who welcome extropy--
acknowledge their reasons for doing what they do and believing what they
believe: reason is essential to optimistic realism (as opposed to wishful
thinking). With reason, all extropians --or those who welcome extropy--
look towards the future...times when they can kineticize human potential in
a progressive manner.

When posts are made that insult the above memes (I can't think of a
better word), it insults each individual extropian...it is insulting each
extropian's way of life. When claims are made that one is more extropian
than another, it breaches that respect which is ever so important. When a
person does not possess the few mandatory memes mentioned above yet claims
to be an extropian, that is a disgrace to the lifestyle. When one worships
mystical beliefs that are not provable and have no reason, then that person
should not call themselves extropian.

By ranting like this, I am extrapolating upon the way *I* live and
my perspectives. I hope that I have not offended anyone by involuntarily
trespassing on the grounds of *their* perspectives. If I have stepped on
any toes, please tell me so...it won't hurt me.