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Fri, 18 Jul 1997 04:05:10 -0700

Kathryn Aegis wrote:
> On Sat, 12 Jul 1997, wrote:
> > > Basically, what I am wondering is what areas/books would some of you
> > > consider mandatory reading to help one become a 'whole' person? What are
> > > some of your favorite books? Are there any books you would consider
> > > fundamental introductions to various topics, or laying essential
> > > groundwork?
> I think I missed the original post on this one, but I am fascinated
> by the underlying assumption that one can develop into a 'whole',
> fully developed human by reading books! I think that books can play
> an important role in learning, but there is no substitute for getting
> out there and living, taking risks, pushing yourself beyond your
> limits, making mistakes, enduring the hurt and the raptures. Life
> events can be designed to provide experiential learning or boundary
> breaking (edge gaming), and one could look at life as one long
> experiment.
Tut, Tut....

I see nothing in what Rev. Madnys wrote which assumes that the act of
reading a book confers wholeness by itself. Now, the aphorism below
might be useful in the quest for wholeness:

"Be ever vigilant in knowing thy assumptions."

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