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E. Shaun Russell (
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 15:18:51 -0700

The incorrigable Mr. Calyk wrote:

><< Personally, I like the fact that this digest covers the map from the
> viability of food replicators to ancient evidence of Atlantis BEING
> Antarctica >>
>Pole shift could explain that, such that Atlantis flourished until the last
>pole shift, in which the whole thing froze over and is preserved for us to
>rediscover it in the next pole shift. Neat huh?

Sorry to burst your bubble, Danny, but in the last decade there has
been substantial evidence to prove that the remainder of Atlantis is an
island of Greece called Thera. What the generally accepted theory amounts
to is that Atlantis was directly above a plate boundary in the
Mediterranean Sea; the island of Atlantis had a volcano in the center of
it. There was a tectonic disturbance which triggered the eruption of the
volcano, as well as a large tsunami which virtually submerged the island
and the civilization... in effect, there was utter destruction. The time
of these happenings is estimated to be around 1350 B.C.; there is
apparently an eyewitness account from Egypt in which a scribe detailed a
large "fire upon the water." We all know that theories such as this are
hard to prove, but from the facts I have read on this situation, it seems
to be the most feasible and supportable... moreso than a pole shift.

By the way, what does the topic of Atlantis have to do with
anything extropic? Chances are, the Atlantean civilization could not have
been very advanced...judging by the lack of evidence of their existance.
As Forrest said, there are numerous other venues that deal with wildly
hypothetical "maybe" science than this mailing list. Useless talk is the
worst pollutant: not only does it pollute the mind, it corrupts the concept
of knowledge.

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