Cursorial Hunters.
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<< Besides, isn't savannahs (or coastal areas if you believe in the
aquatic ape theory) >>

I'm unfamiliar with the "aquatic ape theory"...apes appear unsuited to an
aquatic enviroment.

One "theory" which I read once (Analog SF/SF...back in the 70's or 80's I
think, fact Article) dealt with cursorial hunters and the origin of man.

A cursorial hunter being defined as a pack hunter, like wolves. Early man
would chase his intended prey until it collapsed...then feast.

Supportive physiological facts include man's exceptionally high leg length to
body height ratio (relative to other primates) exceptional cooling system
(."....only mad dogs and englishmen..) (I know from personal and tragic
experience that I can endure a great deal more heat than a dog), and
exceptional endurance (as late as the latter part of the last
century...calvary was being snookered by Apache Braves on the
desert southwest....not far from where I am now...(El Paso))

Co-incidental with this new's brain size enlarged. (read a
book...can't think of title...get back to you on's at the
house...i'm not) not in response to a need for greater cognitive
capacity....but in response to a need to maintain a thermal balance. (large
percentage of blood flows thru brain....large amount of heat is radiated from
head.) Intelligence was a "target of opportunity" because even mother nature
" can't do just one thing)

And sometime later....all that available gray matter become Memetically of which was the Meme of "consciousness".