Re: TWA 800 - One Year After

Ian Goddard (
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 00:41:40 -0400

Eric Watt Forste ( wrote:

> Actually, the meteor theory has been getting a lot more attention
> lately. Thousands of meteors enter Earth's atmosphere every day,
> and there are thousands of commercial flights every day. An
> intersection was bound to happen sooner or later.

IAN: If the basis for the meteor theory is
witness accounts of a fiery object streaking
toward TWA 800, then the meteor account is
without basis once we are familiar with
the details of witness accounts.

I have spoken with several witnesses in detail.
I have collected almost 30 detailed accounts.
The primary reasons to discount the meteor
theory based upon the preponderance of
witness accounts are:

1) pilots with the advantage of having
a higher point of view saw the object
rise up from the surface of the earth.

2) the curved nature of the trajectory
of the missile-like object [1]

3) the diminution in the observed
size & width of the flame and "exhaust
trail" as the streak approached TWA 800,
which indicates that the fiery object
was going away from observes. In fact,
many say that it became small that it
vanished just before the first explosion.

4) the wreckage shows no sign of
penetration caused by a projectile
on a downward trajectory [2]

One witness, Tom Dougherty, to whom
I spoke at length and to whom I raised
the possibility of a meteor (to which
he said "no way"), indicated that the
streaking object not only curved in
its overall trajectory but about 1/3
of the way up, took a sudden sharp
turn and then "corrected itself."

I posit that at that moment the missile's
guidance system temporarily locked onto
its target drone, but then reselected
the larger target/signal, TWA 800.
This may have been that drone: [3].

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