Re: Nanotech..Alternate Scenario

Dan Clemmensen (
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 21:32:42 -0400

em>Hell...most people don't even have a clear idea of what MONEY
em>try to imagine a culture that has no need for it? (James Hogan wrote
em> novella that addressed that subject...don't recall the title...had
em>to do with interstellar colinization..via vat grown embryos under
em>computer control).
"Voyage From Yesteryear", James P. Hogan, 1982.
ISBN 0-345-29472-6

At 372 pages, I think we'd better call it a novel, not a novella.

The book is one of my favorites, and I feel that
EvMick is correct. It is an accessible and enjoyable exploration
of a world whose population has effectively unlimited material
resouces. It lets us think about that aspect of MNT without having
to consider the additional radical increases in technological
capability that will occur with MNT.