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<< From somewhere in the world...EvMick asks...

nevada at the time

: To interject a it possible that our esteemed collegue is
: thinking of a shift in the magnetic pole? I seem to recall that magnetic
: pole shift occurs rather fact...isn't that a method used
: to measure continental drift? That is ...observe the magnetic alignment
: of the lava extruded from the midocean rifts....

The symmetric magnetic alignment...around the Mid-Atlantic a way to detect seafloor spreading...but I don't believe it's
regular enough...that is periodic be used as a clock.

sorry...didn't mean to imply regularity...or that it could be used as a
clock...just that it happened ....If there x number of magnetic alignment
variations of sea-floor magma (lava?) then there were x number of magnetic
pole shifts between then and now...and I don't know if there is a way to
determine the interval between pole shifts.


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