Re: BAD MEMES: Contradiction and Censorship
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 13:59:12 -0400 (EDT)

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<< t's these kinds of contradictions, inconsistencies in people's beliefs
lead to the bad memes responsible for a declining society >>

An excellent post. But I have a nit to pick. I think the concept of
"declining society" is itself a meme....and a very debiliting one. To my
understanding relegions derive much of their power from guilt. That guilt is
based upon "fall from grace". Or a prior "Golden Age". I don't buy it.

Reading the works of Julian Simon is one of the reasons I don't buy it.

I'm just a dumb truck driver. But I assisted my wife in raising a son. He's
OK. And his wife and he are raising my GrandKids. Doing a good job best I
can tell. They, as did I and my wife, have a PRIME TENET of child raising.


If you don't know....tell him.
If you don't want him to know..tell him.

but never lie

Santa claus...the tooth fairy....relegion...and other modern fantasies
qualify as lies.

Cynicysm is a is paranoia....(when my boy was a lad...going door
to door on Halloween nite...the first thing he would do upon returning home
was to inspect the loot...(his idea..not ours)..on the kitchen table each
piece was critically examined....anything that appeared that it may have
been tampered with was sumarilly rejected...right into the trash....really
not interested in eating apples with needles in the or candy with dope...

He...and I...continue with this mindset.

Be interesting to continue this topic...but I gota go