two modes of life

Anton Sherwood (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 23:13:28 -0700 (PDT)

Rick Knight wrote
: > I rather like Daniel Quinn's classification of "takers" and "leavers",
: > the classic agro-dominant vs. gathering/herding-passive cultures of
: > Earth. Would a shepherd be a maker or a taker? Perhaps this is of
: > no relevance to the more forward-thinking extropian mind except to
: > point out the need to define scope in any hard-wired classification
: > exercise. <G>

Michael Lorrey responded
: Such a two class system would describe pre-technological culture just
: fine. When writing, permanent structures, and specialization began to
: occur, the maker category became necessary to symbolize those who built
: newness and were not tied to the wheel of life. THis is why the gods
: were so pissed at Prometheus and stuck him on that rock. ;)

In other news, Jane Jacobs' book SYSTEMS OF SURVIVAL (1993?) sets forth
the idea that there are two ways to make a living: taking (from Nature
or from other naked apes) and trading (with other naked apes), and that
these two modes give rise to two strongly contrasting "moral syndromes"...
Check it out.

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