Re: Re[2]: Terence McKenna

Andy Yuhnke (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 20:16:07 -0700

At 11:28 PM 7/17/97 +0100, Guru George wrote:
>Well, what about our culture since the Sixties, for a (not very
>rigorous!) kick off? For example, I remember reading somewhere that the
>guy who thought up the idea of shareware (or was the first to put the
>idea into action?) got the idea while tripping! Most computer nerds are
>at least stoners, are they not? I bet you Gates and Jobs had a spliff
>or two in their day.

Check out this is an article from
July '91 from GQ of all places which basically states that without
psychedlics the computer industry would be no where near what it is today...
it mentions Jobs, as well as the founder of Lotus and the developer of the
good ol' altair (also founder of PC Magazine according to the article) I
myself am going camping this weekend and plan on enjoying some fine San
Pedro tea... but I'm nobody so that doesn't really back up the argument...
so when we've reached our post human state I suppose us psychedlic users
will have an acid program... kind of like an internal screen saver... hmm
could be fun...