Re: Neanderthals

Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 20:24:21 -0400 wrote:
> It's very fortunate that we have been able to deduce the genetic connection
> between Neanderthals and ourselves but a real pity that there aren't any
> left. It would be very useful to observe them or even talk to them.

This may be stretching it, but I saw a show on the Discovery channel of
all places where they had an english anthropologist who thinks that
there are still neanderthals living in distant parts of Mongolia. Anyone
ever hear if she failed to find anything or even went there? I imagine
that the story that came out of Mongolia was like the primitives in the
Phillipines that Marcos fabricated.

> Incidentally, I consider the original discovery that started this thread to
> be an incredible achievement. From a few bones, tens of thousand of years
> old, we are able to deduce behavior in populations nearly a million years
> ago. Wow. Who needs magic?

I would really like to see the recovery of a Neanderthal out of a bog.
Havng a nice pickled specimin would do wonders.

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