The End of Work?

Bobby Whalen (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 15:05:23 PDT

SCENARIO: With increasing automation and corporate downsizing, good
paying jobs will become less and less available. Jobs will either be
those of highly skilled/creative varieties or very low-skill. Now I
would assume most people on this list are either already very
skilled/creative or our doing everything they can to get there.
Unfortunately the nanotechnological revolution has not occurred yet, so
unless you have a job, your basic necessities of shelter & food will be
hard to come by. The clever among us, will figure out how to survive
off the land or gain access to using high-intensity hydroponic equipment
before they are downsized out of a job...

Do you feel this is a likely scenario? If so, I would like to hear how
you would deal with this situation. How would you survive? And if
your humanitarian enough, what would you propose to ensure the survival
of the rest of humanity in the face of it?


Bobby Whalen

P.S. Now personally, I look forward to the day when all menial
uncreative work is automated <as long as I'm benefiting> from this
high-efficiency society. It would be even better if everyone benefited.
Me, I would rather be scuba diving in the bahamas than working the grind
every day!

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