Re: Parenting for the spermatozoically-challenged

Anders Sandberg (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 11:09:18 +0200 (MET DST)

On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Sarah Marr wrote:

> There will, I believe, come a point in my life when I choose to raise a
> child with a (female) partner of my choice; and it is highly likely that
> she will bear the child. This being the case, and my being
> spermatozoically-challenged (the current PC phrase, I suspect), does anyone
> have any hard facts about the possibility of my genes being used to replace
> those in the sperm of an anonymous donor, resulting in a child of which I
> am a true parent?

Hmm, an interesting idea. I think it would be possible to replace the
genetic material in the nucleus of a spermatozoa with your genetic
material (taken from an oocyte), but it would be very tricky. It
might also be possible to inject your genetic material in her oocyte
and then let a donated sperm cell without genetic material merge with
it to start the division sequence (I'm not 100% sure the sperm cell
is needed; is there a doctor in the house?).

Of course, I think memes are more important than genes, so is it
really important to have your genes in the child? It would save a lot
of trouble and some risks.

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