Re: Sex Change

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 01:47:54 -0700 (PDT)

> ...given the severity and irreversibility of the [sex change] operation
> we are discussing, and the fact that many people asking for it have other
> psychological problems, it doesn't seem inappropriate for the medical
> profession to act as 'gatekeepers'... [to ensure that this]
> particular, major, and undeniably medical, decision is not taken
> mistakenly: and who better than the medical profession to do that? The
> answer may come back, 'The individual concerned', but many such people are
> not be in a suitable mental state to take such a decision: why should the
> medical profession throw out its duty of patient care in these cases?

If a person is mentally competent to engage in ordinary contracts, can
hold a job, make decisions such concerning sexual relations, other
medical procedures, and other important aspects of life, then any law
or professional "standard" that interferes with that individual's
decision is repugnant to individual sovereignty.

Any doctor who dared to presume such a "responsibility" on my behalf
I would fire on the spot. I hire doctors for education and experience,
so that they can advise me of all the options and risks; ALL decisions
are mine, and mine alone, without exception. Medicine is just a product
like any other, and the doctor provides that product at my request and
for my payment. Any other "duty" he feels is only in his mind, and
perhaps the legislature's.

It is truly disheartening how many people mystify fields like
medicine and law, treating their practitioners as something other
than laborers no different from carpenters and plumbers, and somehow
implying that they should be treated differently. Well if I want
green tile in my kitchen, I'm not going to listen to some builder
telling me I'm not capable of that decision. Why should I tolerate
the same arrogance from a doctor or lawyer?