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Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 18:17:40 -0400

Michael M. Butler wrote:
> It seems clear to me that Grumman "recycled" the suffix
> when the time came to propose an enhanced FB-111A,
> and that the F-111B was a substantially different
> critter than the FB-111 with any trailing letter.
> Find me an FB-111 with a tail hook and
> fold-up wings, and I'll reconsider. :)

I wasn't aware that the F-111 needed to fold up its swept wings
vertically, nor is anyone I recall ever talking to, including my father
who was a subcontractor. As for a tail hook, with the exception of
deltawinged century series jets and some models of F-4, just about every
AF fighter plane since 1960 has had tail hooks. They are very useful for
making assisted landings when the brakes fail, usually due to hydraulic
failure. I certainly recall the FB-111s that were transferred to Cannon
AFB from Pease as having tailhooks, though I could be wrong, or it could
have been a modification.

> The source I find most instructive is
> where FB-111B and FB-111H are mentioned as
> _proposed_ variants of the FB-111A.

I beleive that the Bs were stationed in England, though they could have
been rebuilt As redesignated.

> I haven't found any Navy sources on the Web yet.
> Hoping we can now draw the curtains, I remain


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