Re: Terminal Stupidity

Thom Quinn (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 13:59:58 -0500

Did anyone here read the Star? Or the National Inquirer this week?. Had
some great articles on half man, half calm boy found down south. I think
that this is very extropian because......

.....I hope you all get the point that John is making, the topics here
are suffering greatly!

Thom Quinn
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> >I heard that all the rest of the planets were gonna be on the other
> >side of the sun than us. Either way there will be an allignment.
> >Also, many people, including scientists and researchers, believe
> >that there will be a pole shift on that day, in which the pole will
> >shift on its axis with antarctica going to the equator. There's lots
> >of stuff to back up this theory, such as there being trees on
> >antarctica and the ancient egyptians saying that the sun used to
> >rise in the west. [...]
> First Velikousky then Roswell and now this. People, this is the Extropian
> list, a small island free of junk science, if I wanted this level of analysis
> I'd pick up a tabloid at my local supermarket. The only thing that should be
> offlimits on this list is terminal stupidity. This topic should be off limits.
> No need to tell me I'm being rude, I already know that, but if you can't
> flame somebody over something like this, what can you flame them over?
> John K Clark
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