Re: 5/5/2000

Carl Feynman (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 11:33:47 -0400

At 01:31 AM 7/16/97 -0400, wrote:

>Hi, yes it will happen, but I heard that all the rest of the planets were
>gonna be on the other side of the sun than us. Either way there will be an
>allignment. Also, many people, including scientists and researchers, believe
>that there will be a pole shift on that day, in which the pole will shift on
>its axis with antarctica going to the equator.

I know this is total nonsense, and probably you do too. Is there anyone on
this list who thinks this might be true, and wants me to talk them out of
it? Other than Danny himself, of course, who will apparently believe
anything spectacular regardless of how poor the evidence.

The gist of the arument is that the gravitational forces on the Earth
produced by the planetary alignment are infinitesimal compared to the forces
produced by the moon and sun. If anyone cares, I can compute the actual
forces involved.