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<< This is way off topic, but it's a meme-jungle out there. An ep of the
Chris Carter series `Millennium' was shown here in Oz the other night, in
which the Grand Key to It All (maybe) is revealed as an impending planetary
line-up of seven planets, all neatly on the same side of the sun as the
earth, in May 2000. Not having a digital orrey to hand, I wonder if anyone
who does have access to such a program could confirm or deny this detail?
I find it hard to believe, and assume the scriptwriters just kinda...
rearranged the solar system, to make the story work.

Damien Broderick

Hi, yes it will happen, but I heard that all the rest of the planets were
gonna be on the other side of the sun than us. Either way there will be an
allignment. Also, many people, including scientists and researchers, believe
that there will be a pole shift on that day, in which the pole will shift on
its axis with antarctica going to the equator. There's lots of stuff to back
up this theory, such as there being trees on antarctica and the ancient
egyptians saying that the sun used to rise in the west. There's lots of
books on the subject. Oh ya, the big thing, all the cataclysms that are
suppose to occur on that day, earthquakes, 500 mile an hour winds(although i
think that all the winds will turn into lots of hurricanes, dropping the
windspeed to 200+), 300 ft tidal waves, widespread freezes, and sea levels
rising (from Antarctica going to the sea, either by sliding off, due to the
momentum and because it is slippery where the ice meets land because ice
turns to sludge with a lot of pressure, causing tidal waves for slipping in,
or it will eventually melt). But the main thing is the shift in
consciousness it will bring.

Do a search on "pole shift", but here are some addresses: