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> << BTW, these aren't the Mogul project balloons; those were supposed to
> float over Russia looking for evidence of nuclear explosions.
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> Oh? Ok...that makes a bit more sense...
> Has anyone any comments on the Pop. Mech. report on Roswell?... I read it
> quickly then lost the mag... It mentioned flying discs in connection with
> Captured German and Japanese technology...all of which I know little about.

The japanese project is what probably gave us the idea for the Mogul
project. The mag also claims that the Germans had captured a saucer
during the war, and that we got it when we cleaned house over there.

I've read the report on Roswell and it was well done, in what it
covered, with the exception that in the extensive coverage they give of
Col. Corso, they consistently misidentify him as a gentleman named

They also have recently done a story on the "new" Area 51. They claim
that Groom Lake has been locked up and deactivated for the last 1 1/2 to
two years, and then go on this really well done investigative work to
find its "new" location. They conclude that since Michael Air Field will
be the landing area of the new X-33 space plane prototype, which is
being built by the Skunk Works, and that the engineers at Lockheed have
designed a small payload bay to fit between the fuel tanks that was not
in the original specifications, and that the Phillips Lab at White Sands
is building various cockpit and payload configurations for this plane,
that they have decided that the Utah Launch Facility that White Sands
owns and is renovating will be the classfied launch site for classified
missions with this platform.

Thus they have designated this new site as the "new" Area 51, and are
doing a big webwide PR campaign with their site and magazine and TV show
to convince everyone of this "truth".

Unfortunately, this ignores a couple things, namely that the big land
grab that the Air Force went through two years ago to more effectively
close off Groom Lake to prying eyes took effect just about the time that
PM claims Groom Lake went inactive.

Why would they waste all of that time, energy, money, and real estate
when they aren't going to take advantage of it?

One thing PM did let slip out was that they tried to buy commercial
spysat pics from the Russian Spysat agency (which sells them to anyone)
of the "new" site, but were denied the higher resolution pics "for
security reasons". Whose security? THis seems funny that the Russians
can take pictures anytime they want of American facilities but US
citizens can't see them under threat of deadly force.

I then myself called the US office of the Russian spysat agency seeking
pictures of Groom Lake, figuring that if its inactive then it must now
be an ok site to get pictures of, right? No go. The Russians still won't
let pictures out of Groom Lake.

THis leads me to conclude that PM is an active propaganda/disinformation
arm of the Black agencies of our government, seeking to distract people
from Area 51, and by association, anything else they say about related
subjects is suspected propaganda.

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