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> > To support your case you might consider my situation....I drive a 91
> > Freightliner FLD 120....currently it has 1,058,402 on the odometer...
> So you've gone a million miles at or around 55 mph. Ever broken a
> fanbelt? A radiator hose? a valve or valve lifter? I know the U-joints
> on the drive shafts of those babies tend to go...
> Ever get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a breakdown?
> >>
> Er...welll.....yeah.. as a matter of fact I'm in the shop in Medford Oregon
> right now with a bad water pump..Everything you mention I've had
> fixed...sometimes several times...(But I don't average 55..I avoid Ohio like
> plauge)
> The point of my post was to illustrate that commercial vehicles DO rack up
> some miles....not to intimate that they do it maint. free. (I wish!!! I
> average $750 a month in maint.)
> And I traverse the desert rather regularly...the Southwest is my stomping
> grounds...Mojave at 125 degrees...even the rattle snakes are panting....but
> my ole freight shaker just keeps on trucking (so far)

Thanks, this completely illustrated the point I've been trying to make.
Everyone here has these heavily dogmatically weighted blinders on about
star faring aliens. They think that because they may be eons ahead of us
that their technology will never break down, that by their point in
development, an interstellar trip would be as easy and common an
operating regeime as highway or airline travel is for us, that the idea
that their ships would break is ludicrous. We've been building highway
capable cars for 100 years with trillions of miles, and billions of
production units to show for it, and still its extremely rare to have a
car that doesn't break something unexpectedly even at least once in the
first 50,000 miles. Even though a properly maintained car may last
200,000 miles, or even a million in EvMick's case, it is still gonna
break, and Murphy knows that its gonna break when you least expect or
want it to.

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