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Damien Broderick wrote:
> This is way off topic, but it's a meme-jungle out there. An ep of the
> Chris Carter series `Millennium' was shown here in Oz the other night, in
> which the Grand Key to It All (maybe) is revealed as an impending planetary
> line-up of seven planets, all neatly on the same side of the sun as the
> earth, in May 2000. Not having a digital orrey to hand, I wonder if anyone
> who does have access to such a program could confirm or deny this detail?
> I find it hard to believe, and assume the scriptwriters just kinda...
> rearranged the solar system, to make the story work.
> Damien Broderick

I've read articles on this for several years. Apparently most of the
largest planets will be within like 20-30 degrees of each other, which
isn't a really great conjunction, and there will be a couple of similar
ones in the decades following, leading to competing doomsday astrology
theories...which can be rather entertaining to someone who knows better.
The tidal influence of such a conjunction will be something like
1/1000th off norm, or some such, so its there, but hardly likely to tear
the world apart, or even make it grunt.

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