Re: ROSWELL: Marcel Photo

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 21:54:23 -0400

Mark Grant wrote:
> Aha! Found another copy. If you want to see what the remains of an alien
> spacecraft look like, check out:
> This is the photo which, according to Marcel's reported claims in "The
> Roswell Incident" book, shows some of the debris he found on the ranch
> (it's reproduced in that book). Looks a lot like a few bits of torn and
> crumpled tin-foil to me.

I'm very familiar with that photo. It was taken at the news conference
where the coverup story of the balloon was released. It would have been
a small errand to get the base weather department to send over a
balloon and a radar reflector to use as props. The story additionally
conflicts with the fact that Marcel's assistant was a well trained
weatherman, who would have recognised the weather balloon used by the
Mogul device at first glance, in which case, the original story would
have never gone out.

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