Three Kinds of People

Rick Knight (
Tue, 15 Jul 97 16:04:25 CST

EvMick wrote:

There are only three types of people . Makers...Takers...and Fakers.

I forget who said that but I have not a shred of doubt that it's
true...Engineers are Makers (when they're engineering)...<as are Truck
Drivers {shameless plug}>...

Who comprise the other two catagories?

I'll leave that as an exercise for the student..(hint: parisiteical

Rick Knight responds:

Are you isolating your scope to that of the modern Western world? I
rather like Daniel Quinn's classification of "takers" and "leavers",
the classic agro-dominant vs. gathering/herding-passive cultures of
Earth. Would a shepherd be a maker or a taker? Perhaps this is of no
relevance to the more forward-thinking extropian mind except to point
out the need to define scope in any hard-wired classification
exercise. <G>