Re: the face in Cydonia

Andrea Gallagher (
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 13:36:04 -0700

Hagbard wrote:
>What I meant, and this may not have been entirely clear, was whether
>list members thought another fly-by of the Mars-face area was a good
>idea; and this barring any of the preconceived, Hoagland-based
>pseudo-science that might be floating around. I tend to think that
>another fly-by would either prove them right or shut them up. If right,
>well, a long shot; but if wrong, shut them up and at least preserve some
>bandwith. This topic is a Metacrawler goldmine.

That formation is on the list of interesting things for the Mars Orbiter
Camera to image during the Mars Global Surveyor mission later this year.
There are some technical issues about targeting something that small with
the high-resolution camera, though, so it might not make the cut. There's
some information about this on a web site that Mike Malin (MOC principle
investigator) maintains:

discussion of the images and techniques used:

what they will try to do during MGS mapping mission: