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<< t would be interesting to see if the process of becoming oneself
could be aided by artificial means; so far it has been largely a
random accumulation of experience and a gradual abstraction from
them. Schooling is one method intended to make this process a bit
more efficient, maybe some initiation rites could be considered
growth tools too. Are there others reliable methods?

I read lots of one of the last books that I've been able to acquire
"The Reality Dysfunction"...this point is mentioned. Also David Weber speaks
to the matter in his series dealing with the Genocidal Alein Horde (can't
recollect the titles just now) ..he uses the terms "implants" and "enhanced"
a lot i seem to recall.

Also in "Vacumn Flowers" (forget the author)..there is the concept of an
entire personality being overlaid upon ones the point that they are
available in you can be Barbie,...tomorrow Madonna....(or

I mention the fiction illustrate that the idea has been creative..if not inventive...people.

So let me hypothesize:

The "Mind" is a multitude of "programs" running (simultaneously and
sequentially) upon a (currently) biological (protein colloid) "computer".
These programs, in aggregate, constitute a person's personality, memory,
knowledge and skills (i.e. the programming needed to move the muscles)..and

I beleive it is conceded that "uploading" is foreseeable. If in the process
of uploading the original is not destroyed then might partial uploads be
possible? Might not future products....ready for upload at
languages...organizational skills...mathematics....etc...