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<< would
you say that someone who cannot speak and hear is not conscious? >>

They might NOT be. I refer to "wolf-children" who could not be taught to

Is it possible that the human persona program must be "Booted" up in a
certain sequence relative to the biological changes of physical growth or not
boot up at all?

I've heard that children can learn multiple languages easily...whereas
adults...I for one...have a difficult time learning another language...I've
heard that if a child is not taught to read prior to a certain age then
subsequently it will become much more difficult...

A person who cannot see nor hear (nor speak)is probably conscious (Helen
Keller. I beleive was a blind deaf mute)..but she was in constant
communication...she had a dedicated nurse who went to great effort. .. (I'm
rather vauge on the details I'm afraid) teach her to communicate. Is it
possible that the act of learning to communicate...the inherent ability TOO
communicate is somehow prerequisit to self Awareness (what we're calling

Hard questions...tough subject...VERY interesting.