Julian Simons Online

Guru George (gurugeorge@sugarland.idiscover.co.uk)
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 21:47:18 +0100

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997 13:42:07 -0400 (EDT)
EvMick@aol.com wrote:

>Julian Simons works are also available
>on the web...don't know the exact name of his homepage but a search engine
>can find it...or get it from the Gutenberg Project.
Yeah, just about everything he's ever written is online - it's great,
I've collected 'em all!

The URL is:- http://www.bmgt.umd.edu/~jsimon/ . I highly recommend his
stuff, even his work on happiness is really interesting.

Guru George