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At 07:39 AM 7/12/97 -0700, Rev. Madnys wrote:

> Basically, what I am wondering is what areas/books would some of you
>consider mandatory reading to help one become a 'whole' person? What are
>some of your favorite books? Are there any books you would consider
>fundamental introductions to various topics, or laying essential

The scientific books already mentioned are indeed favorite readings. To
broaden horizons and introduce other important modes of thinking, you might
consider reading the following to fully exploit your brain power!

_Creativity_, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
_Toward A Psychology Of Being_, Abraham H. Maslow
_The Farther Reaches of Human Nature_, Abraham Maslow
Anything by De Bono

These books explore developed intelligence and well-being by engineering the
ability to think creatively.

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