Re: Re Carbon-based evolution as a metaphor

Hara Ra (
Sun, 13 Jul 1997 04:26:48 -0700 wrote:
> John Lilly, M.D. had a ketamine-induced vision of sci-fi-like future/s
> of Earth a few centuries from now, worth reading. It centers around the
> increasing independence of, and self-preserving/human-controlling
> activities of, the "Solid State Entity", which is roughly the net sum of
> the silicon-based "life forms" on Earth. Check it out in Lilly's
> autobiography, The Scientist.

Lilly also didn't like this entity and thought its aims were inhuman.
Note that The Scientist also mentions some of Lilly's childhood, which
was, to say the least, dismal. There's a well known psychological
mechanism known as projection in which despised parts of one's own
experience are seen as external agencies. LSD and other psychedelics
(including Ketamine) amplify inner experience, and this includes

Of course the Extropian and Transhuman view is to embrace this
developing entity, either as a symbiosis or extension of the future
self, a POV which I find preferable....

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