Re: Those overpowering but inept aliens

Mark Grant (
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 23:25:57 +0000

On Sat, 12 Jul 1997, Laws, David wrote:

> The whole debate of UFO's generally misses the important question, and The
> Question is not 'Have we been visited by an extraterrestrial civilization?'
> but 'Why have we been visited by extraterrestrial civilizations?'

How can you even ask the second question if you don't know that the first
is true?

> 'We' send out probes to other planets...why wouldn't another
> planet's intelligent life?

Which planet's intelligent life?

> First, the Air Force's 'mogul' explanation's biggest problem for me is the
> amount of material found (supposedly scattered for over a quarter of a
> mile).

And who, exactly, claimed it was scattered over quarter of a mile? I don't
have access to original documents, but I do have a cite for the
_Alberquerque Journal_, July 9 1947 claiming that the recovered object was
about three feet across... Hmm, odd, that's around about the size of the
Mogul balloon's payload, isn't it? Bet it's just one of them coincidences.

> Second, the Air Force has yet to explain the extreme security measures it
> took to recover and dispose of this 'balloon'. Even if it was a top secret
> spy device a simple gathering of the wreckage of a 'weather balloon' and an
> embarrassing apology for releasing a false report ('We have recovered a
> flying saucer') would have sufficed.

It's a black program, or the 40s equivalent; indeed, as far as I'm aware
it was part of the nuclear development programs (checking for radioactive
fallout from Russian bombs), and hence security would have been incredibly
tight. What do you expect them to do?

BTW, you do realise that New Mexico was in the middle of a spate of
'flying disc' reports, don't you? Someone's collected together nine
newspaper reports of 'flying discs' from July 1st to July 11th, several of
which were either parts of weather balloons or hoaxes. Don't you think
that in the circumstances it's not entirely surprising that that's how it
was first reported? I mean, after all, that's pretty much what the
balloon's payload looked like.

Finally, how come no reference to aliens at Roswell was ever made
publically until more than thirty years later?


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