Re: Jury Nulification

James Rogers (
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 21:18:23 -0700

At 07:25 PM 7/12/97 -0700, John K Clark wrote:

>I think it's great and I know for a fact they are magic words, they can
>instantly get you out of involuntary servitude. I was called for jury
>recently, I did not want to be there and the pay stank. When questioned by
>the judge in open court the first thing I said was "I believe in jury
>nullification because..." and the judge interrupted and said "Thank you
>Mr. Clark you are dismissed". The poor man looked like somebody said "Fuck"
>at a Sunday school picnic, I don't think he wanted the other jury slaves to
>be contaminated with my evil ideas so I got to go home. I was delighted, but
>I felt a little sorry for the other captives.

I have to confess that I have never heard of jury nullification, but it has
my curiousity.

Could someone explain (in a paragraph or so) what jury nullification is
exactly, and what is the
basis for its existence? Or at least point me to a source for more info.

I learn something new every day...

-James Rogers