Re: Becoming Human

Hagbard Celine (
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 18:09:24 -0400

On Sat, 12 Jul 1997, Rev. Madnys wrote:

> > Basically, what I am wondering is what areas/books would some of you
> > consider mandatory reading to help one become a 'whole' person? What are
> > some of your favorite books? Are there any books you would consider
> > fundamental introductions to various topics, or laying essential
> > groundwork?

For a good *long* list of books that extropians seems to agree upon (for
the most part) go to and scroll to
the bottom under Readings.

Personally, I like best:

Julian Simon's *The Ultimate Resource* at

Robert Anton Wilson's *Right Where You Are Sitting Now*

Drexler's *Engines of Creation* at

Dawkins' *The Selfish Gene*

And for those who hate government, there's no better way to fight it
than to know it inside and out. Which is why I think every educated
American should at least peruse the political philosophy of modernity

Machiavelli: *The Prince* at
and *The Discourses on Livy*

Hobbes: *Leviathan* (at very least Part 1: Of Man and Part 2: Of
Commonwealth) at gopher://

Francis Bacon: *The New Atlantis* (civil religion based upon science --
a vision of the New World?) at

John Locke: *Second Treatise on Government* at

Rousseau: *On the Social Contract*

Then hit Friedman's *Machinery of Freedom* and some of his other
articles which are darn good (Such as *Law as a Private Good* at

Finally, I think everyone should read the Illuminatus! trilogy by Robert
Anton Wilson just for kicks.