Re: Free-Market Economics

Bobby Whalen (
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 13:05:24 PDT

Michael Lorrey writes:

>It really shouldn't matter how long it takes Win95 to start up. For
>starters, it still starts faster than a Mac, and secondly, if you had
>sufficient RAM it actually starts faster than Win 3.1

You may have shot a hole in your argument here. If it doesn't matter how
long it takes, then what good is progress?

>> A "true" anarchy is where individuals can
>> do anything they want as long as it doesn't interfere with anothers
>> freedom. If an individual or group of individuals grabs a bunch of
>>arms and starts terrorizing the rest of the people in this >>"anarchy"
into submission, then we no longer have "anarchy" but a >>new form of

>In an anarchy, every citizen will understand that their own self
>defense is their own responsibility. THose that don't deserve their

Ha.ha..Your argument here makes me giggle.. In that case, you shouldn't
mind the system <we're currently living in>! Our current system of
nations, armys, laws, bureaucrats and dictatorships have all evolved to
their current state in a situation you have just advocated!

>As for the gas station monopolist, those are the breaks. If the gas
>station owners did not utilize public opinion to force a curtailment or
>accommodation, its their own damn fault.

Curious. Tell me how a small-time operator in 1919, when there was
little or no access to telephones, radio, TV or big-town newspapers,
would find the time take on the herculean task of mounting a public
opinion campaign against Rockefeller? He would surely go out of
business in the process.

Bobby Whalen

P.S. With regard to the rest of your post, I agree.

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