Re: Re[3]: Free-Market Economics

Bobby Whalen (
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 11:15:54 PDT

Guru George writes:

>But anyway, advances in hardware do drive advances in software,
>particularly in games. Obviously, the more the hardware can do, the
>software designers will exploit it (if they think they can make money
>doing so).


>But perhaps we should stop this computer talk, as it's
>constantly being done to death on just about every newsgroup and
>list! :-)

Yes, that would be nice!

>See posts now coming from others on this, esp John Clark's re. the
>economics of it. I remember reading a few contemporary quotes
>>from some of the people who exploited this tactic of Rockefeller's to
>make money themselves that were quite funny.

Yes. Eric recently had a good post on that as well.


Bobby Whalen

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