Those overpowering but inept aliens

Laws, David (
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 10:36:09 -0400

The whole debate of UFO's generally misses the important question, and The
Question is not 'Have we been visited by an extraterrestrial civilization?'
but 'Why have we been visited by extraterrestrial civilizations?' I find
debunkers amusing in the fact that they seem so dedicated to disproving
something akin to spending your life trying to disprove the existence of
'God'. 'We' send out probes to other planets...why wouldn't another
planet's intelligent life? Believe it or don't, but do not worry about it
until the fanatic believers get enough political power to start passing and
enforcing laws that affect your life (as religious fanatics do).

First, the Air Force's 'mogul' explanation's biggest problem for me is the
amount of material found (supposedly scattered for over a quarter of a
mile). I've seen photo's of the 'mogul' balloons and 'there just ain't
enough stuff there to be noticeable' for that area (especially after being
blown around in a thunderstorm). The largest component by far is the
balloon itself. Even the ranch hand would know balloon material was not
some 'unknown' metallic structure. The Air Force personnel certainly

Second, the Air Force has yet to explain the extreme security measures it
took to recover and dispose of this 'balloon'. Even if it was a top secret
spy device a simple gathering of the wreckage of a 'weather balloon' and an
embarrassing apology for releasing a false report ('We have recovered a
flying saucer') would have sufficed. Besides, if it WAS a top secret
spying device why wasn't the Air Force actively searching for it?

Third, if the 'cover up' was an attempt to scare the Soviet Union into
believing we DID have a 'flying saucer' and could use the recovered
technology to blow them off the face of the earth then THAT should be the
explanation. Reagan's SDI project has already been admitted as such for
the most part. But then, that explanation WOULD be an admittance of 'We
planted the material there' and 'Yes Virginia, the Government DOES lie to

Fourth. Now to 'Why?'. I can currently think of 4 reasons.

a) Pure curiosity.
b) Economics.
c) Security.
d) Survival.

Both a and b pose no threat to us. c has the consequences of either 'THEY
would try and sabotage our technology so we could not threaten THEM' or
'THEY want to help us advance and become allies against some third party
civilization ('This Island Earth', written in the 1950's covered this. The
movie was a the book. Jack McDevitt's 'The Engines of God' has
another interesting concept.). d is double edged too. THEY could be
looking for suitable new colony locations or just for a 'lifeboat' planet
in an emergency.

The abduction claims are much harder for me to believe. These 'aliens'
want to go unnoticed so they take 'specimens' and 'torture' them and
release them back into the pack. Though an alien thought process may
conceive of this as logical, I sure don't.

One last thing to ponder. HOW? I don't think we currently have the
technology or knowledge to grasp this. I am of the belief that travel
between solar systems will require a mastery of the Unified Field.
Something along the line of being able to use AND control gravity to fold
time and space.

Just scrambled thoughts while trying to wake up.