Re: This funny Rosswel bussines

James Rogers (
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 09:48:57 -0700

At 08:50 AM 7/11/97 +0200, you wrote:
>> From: Michael Lorrey
>> Personally, I don't know. I do know of the things I saw when I was in
>> the Air Force that I still can't talk about. Given that all of the stars
>> in our region of the galaxy are relatively the same age, I would give it
>> a 50% chance that we've been visited in the past or will be visited
>> within the next 100 years.

Why would the next 100 years be any more special than the last million? Or
the next million? On someone elses timetable it should make no difference.

>I didn't make an argument about whether we have, or will be, visited. I
>simply tried to say that if anybody was able to visit us thru space, they
>would probably be able to do so without us detecting them in any way.

I agree.

I am sure the aliens are seriously upset with the disturbing and uncanny
ability of rednecks and trailer trash to spot their stealthy craft.

-James Rogers