Re: Free-Market Economics

Bobby Whalen (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 17:56:02 PDT

Michael Lorrey writes:

>Rather than looking at Microsoft's continuing status, try looking at
>what they have really had to do to keep that status. The error of
>who point the finger at monopolies is that their excuse would only work
>in a market with no technological progress, as all it would take to
>out the monopoly is to build a better mousetrap.

You make a very good point. However, those who have built a better
mousetrap invariably get bought out by Microsoft. So little of what
they have actually created has been orginal or creative. They have
advanced only to the degree necessary to maintain their market dominance
- which isn't much.

>Microsoft succeeds
>because its people are not satisfied to be number one for a day, they
>want to stay nuber one, and, despite claims to the contrary by
>reminiscers of that quaint old Apple, they must constantly improve
>products to compete with the other companies that build better products
>than Microsoft's previous versions.

I heartedly agree that Apple has made some serious blunders. The way I
see it, is Apple's had superior technology with a rotten marketing
strategy, and Microsoft has had the superior marketing staregy with a
poor software package. But that is another story.


B. Whalen

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