Free-Market Economics

Bobby Whalen (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 13:39:23 PDT

I have some questions about Free-Market Economics that I hope someone
can answer.

I will start by saying that I agree completely that a “true”
free-market economy would be ideal. One that is competitive, open, and
decentralized. But is a market free, if a company becomes so powerful
that it establishes a near-monopoly on a given market and in turn
prevents competition and progress form occurring? A good example now I
believe is Microsoft. If your answer is no, then what methods or “laws”
would enable the market to remain free and competitive without large
corporations controlling policy? As an anarcho-libertarian I want to be
free of any coercion, government or corporate. How do we as extropians
propose to enhance the potential of a “true” free-market taking hold?

Bobby Whalen

P.S. I hope you can forgive what may already be a basic question on this

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