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Hagbard Celine

Not a clerk of the nostalgia of the declining ruling class.

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Hagbard Celine wrote:

> E-Prime is English without the verb "to be" (is, are, was); more > specifically, without the "is of identity" ("John is a liar; Linda is a > lawyer; Edgar is stupid."). > > E-Prime emerges from the tradition of General Semantics. The reason for > E-Prime is that the "is of identity" connotes an eternal Platonic > essence possessed by the thing that is said to "be" something. The "is > of identity" tends to blind both the speaker and the audience to many > important characteristics about the relationship between the person > being described and the quality or category being assigned to them. "Joe > is a racist": "Racism" is not a measurable quantity of an object like > mass or momentum; there is no "racism meter" we can point to a person > that will detect whether Joe has the "essence" of a "racist" in him. > "Racist" is a _name_ we give to an object based on our observations of > emergent phenomena like behavior; but the assignment of the label is in > our heads, not in physical reality. E-Prime, by restricting the use of > the "is of identity," makes explicit the fact that these are statements > about the state of our nervous system, not about the outside world. > E-Prime confines itself to observations and operational statements like > "Joe frequently makes statements that sound racist to me" or even "I > heard Joe say Angelo is a dirty wop." > > Examples of English > sentences translated into E-Prime: ENGLISH: Marty is an asshole. > E-PRIME: Marty frequently says things that make me > angry. ENGLISH: Religious fanatics like David Koresh are dangerous. > (Makes the implicit assignment "David Koresh was a > religious fanatic.") E-PRIME: The government considered David Koresh, > whose followers believed he was God, a danger to > their authority. (Talks about who holds what beliefs.) ENGLISH: Natalie > Merchant's voice is the most beautiful in the world. > E-PRIME: I like Natalie Merchant's voice better than anyone else's. > ENGLISH: Natalie Merchant is a Commie dupe. > E-PRIME: Natalie Merchant has said she thinks private property is bad. > (An operational statement of an observable fact > regarding something somebody has said.) [dV/dt] #

Sorry, I forgot to tell you where I got this little explaination.

I don't know if this is an official FAQ, but I definitely found it useful.