The Cruikshank Redemption?

E. Shaun Russell (
Tue, 8 Jul 1997 22:38:52 -0700

"Netscape User" wrote:

>If Extropians view capitalism as the only accepted form of spontaneous
>order, then I don't have to think twice about leaving this list.

I doubt that I am the only list member who winced when s\he read
this...a very good example of an infectuous meme. This, of course, was
derived from the first post in the "Huh?" thread --an idea sprouted by Mr.
Ian Cruikshank.

For anyone who has just recently joined this list, I must (as Eric
Watt Forste touched on) mention that the ideas upon extropianism rambled by
Ian Cruikshank are very convoluted. It seems that the man in question has
either not looked into extropianism to any extent, or has such a narrow and
hypocritical mind that he cannot see beyond the views which he himself has
adopted. A statement like "...extropians view capitalism as the only
accepted form of spontaneous order..." is not only untrue, but it is almost
an exact antithesis to the open-mindedness of a desirable extropian future
progress. Whatever works for spontaneous order is certainly accepted.

Cruikshank has made an assortment of unsupported claims about which are, for the most part, untrue. In addition, to
leave the list on the basis of one person's personal opinions is not such
an open-minded move. Extropy is not at all like a religion or a "cult" as
Cruikshank claims --every extropian has different views on different things
and nothing, save for the desire for progress and freedom, is set.

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