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Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 07 Jul 1997 21:54:13 -0400

Richard G. Bunker, Jr. wrote:
> Max More wrote:
> [snip]
> > This was obviously written by the possibly psychotic [snip]
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This strikes me as an ad hominem attack, regarded by many as
> distasteful. I, personally, find that ad hominem attacks can be quite a
> lot of fun from time to time, but felt obligated to point this out given
> its inclusion in a missive criticizing another writer for his rude
> communication style.

As anyone here can attest, I also am a gourmet ad hominem artist, but in
my short dicourse with Ian, I found that he's far more than just rude
and distasteful. This is a statement of fact, not an attack.

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