0903:The Tangent

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Mon, 07 Jul 1997 19:39:29 -0700

In message 0903, Lorrey and Genen have touched on a compelling concept
in transpersonal communications: the tangent. This prompted me to reply
because of readings just last night: "Jean-Joseph Goux rigorously
analyzes the mathematical phenomenon of the curve without a tangent, and
the direction it is apt to take in economy as well as linguistics: "If
the movement does not tend toward any limit, if the quotient of
tials is not calculable, the present no longer has any meaning....The
quotient of differentials is not resolved, the differences no longer
cancel one another in their relationship. No limit opposes the break(la
brisure), or the breaking of this break. The tendency finds no end, the
thing in motion never quite reaches what the immediate future has in
store for it; it is endlessly delayed by accidents and deviations. Such
is the complex notion of a continuity within the absolute break." In the
expanded immanence of the system, the limit tends to reconstitute in its
displacement the thing it tended to diminish in its primitive
emplacement." (Anti-Oedipus,P.231). This is my first post. I'm aware
that it may run the risk of sounding sensationalistic, or of a
bedazzlement of
some kind. I am attempting to understand it myself. Yet, I do know that
the break(la brisure) is absolutely essential as an axiomatic of
capitalism, and that it operates from within dialogues such as these,
also from within larger social contexts, and is not necessarily "the
pause that refreshes." This concept is closely akin to another: that
surplus value cannot be determined mathematically.<Nomadthought@usa.net>