TITLE: Late Night Grande Hotel sung by Nanci Griffith

Tony Hollick (anduril@cix.compulink.co.uk)
Tue, 8 Jul 97 00:13 BST-1

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"Late Night Grande Hotel"
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Words & Music by Nanci Griffith
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I'm working on a morning flight to _anywhere_ but here

I'm watching this evening fire burn away my tears

All my life I've left my troubles by the door

Leaving is all I've ever known before

It's not the way you hold me when the sun goes down

It's not the way you called my name that left me

Stranded on the ground

It's not the way you say you hear my heart when the music ends

I am just learning how to fly away again

And maybe you were thinkin' that you thought you knew me well

But, no-one ever knows the heart of anyone else

I feel like Garbo in this late night grande hotel

Cause living alone is all I've ever done well


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Words & music by Olivia Newton-John
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... I'll survive this -- if I'm alone

I'm a survivor, but you will be gone

Let's start a new world - from this day on

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"The circumstances rendered the NVA vulnerable to the b-52s at a moment in
the war when experience and technology had perfected the employment of the
bombers. The strategic air command had learned during the siege of khe
Sanh that three B-52s provided enough destructive effect to satisfy most
ground commanders. SAC now launched the planes in flights of three rather
than the original six in order to duoble the number of Arc Lights. A new
radar system named Combat Skyspot made it possible to place the strikes
within five-eighths of a mile of friendly positions. (Rhotenberry and Ba
did not hesitate to call a strike within 700 yards.) The location of the
'box', the target zone that was five-eighths of a mile wide by
approximately two miles long, could be changed up to three hours before
the bombs were scheduled to fall. Rhotenberry kept a list of every B-52
strike allocated to the battle with the drop time and change time marked
in order to switch the box to a new location and catch the NVA in it when
an assault was imminent or underway against a sector of the perimeter...

Ba was able to give the tank-killer teams he formed some psychological
preparation by having them practice firing the M-72 LAW at junked aRVN
tank hulls. The Pentagon had time to respond to an appeal from Abrams and
rush out an experimental helicopter-mounted system for the American
wire-guided anti-tank missile, called the TOW for tube-launched
optically-tracked, wire-guided....

Larry Stern of the _Washington Post_ had met Vann in the mid-1960s throgh
Frank Scotton. He came to pleiku to interview him and was astonished by
the man he found. He had never seen a person so suffused with rage and
exhaltation. Stern remembered the wasy Vann's eyes 'burned' as he
described how he was wielding the B-52 bombers...

Vann's friend, George Jacobson, stayed until the end. He left on a
helicopter from the roof of the embassy not long before dawn on April 30,
1975, to take refuge aboard a Seventh Fleet ship off Vung Tau an the nVA
tanks were preparing to move into Saigon. John Vann was not meant to flee
to a ship at sea, and he did not miss his exit.

He died believing that he had won his war.

>From Neil Sheehan, "A Bright Shining Lie", [1988].

John Paul Vann was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery, where two
of my relatives were also laid to rest.

[ FX: "You can't keep a good man down!!!" ]

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Anduril ("West-Brilliance") is wielded by Tony Hollick

Stormbringer is wielded by John Paul Vann

Mournblade is wielded by Frank Wisner

Chrysaor is wielded by Richard M. Bissell, jr.

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