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I have just now found this list. Lorrey and Genen seem to have touched
briefly on a compelling concept during their dialogue: the tendency
towards the "tangent." I'm replying because just last night
while reading Deleuze & Guattari, a reference to Goux: "Jean-Joseph Goux
rigorously anaalyzes the mathematical phenomenon of the curve without a
tangent, and the direction it is apt to take in economy as well as
linguistics: "If the movement does not tend toward any limit, if the
quotient of differentials is not calculable, the present no longer has
any meaning...The tendency finds no end, the thing in motion never quite
reaches what the immediate future has in store for it; it is endlessly
delayed by accidents and deviations. Such is the complex notion of a
continuity within the absolute break(la brisure). In the expanded
immanence of the system, the limit tends to reconstitute in its
displacement the thing it tended to diminish in its primitive
emplacement." (Anti-Oedipus, p. 231). I'm attempting to understand this
myself, yet I do know that this break(la brisure) is absolutely
as an axiomatic of capitalism. It is in operation not only in dialogues
such as these, but also in relation to larger social dynamics. One of
the reasons why schizophrenia as process emerges everywhere within such
a system.(Nomadthought@usa.net)I wish to learn more about extropians and
transhumanism. Ciao.