Light-Years, Light-Minutes, Light-Seconds, Light-Who Gives a

Rick Knight (
Mon, 07 Jul 97 10:54:11 CST

At 06:48 PM 7/4/97 +0000, Kathryn Aegis wrote:

> Poetic sense overwhelmed
>technical competence, and I apologize, so could everyone just ease
>off on the corrections that are currently streaming into my inbox? I
>got the message many tens of times over.

Natasha More responded:

Why apologize for a sense of metaphor? You might rather be applauded.

I add:

Bravo, Natasha. The light year thing didn't jump out at me until I
saw the subsequent correction and then hardly gave it a thought (of
course, I am conceptual not detail-oriented and a writer/artist). In
this group, I suspect, technical accuracy, like cleanliness, is next
to whatever-you-substitute-for godliness. <G> Too bad that comes
along with what appears to be a compulsion to correct. Hope your mail
program has some auto-block rules.

I share your awe about the Martian mission and hope it expands us as a
civilization, however near or far away it is.