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Mon, 7 Jul 97 16:21 BST-1 ,
Re: Vanishing Points...

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" The more slavishly and dogmatically a person falls for a ready-made
ideological system or world-view, the more certainly he will bury all chances
of thinking, of freedom, of being clear about what he knows; the more
certainly he will deaden the adventure of the mind; and the more certainly -
in practice - he will begin to serve the "order of death."

In any case, the moment when any system of thought culminates and
declares itself complete, when it is brought to perfection and universality,
has more than once been described as that deceptive moment when the system
ceases to live, collapses in upon itself (like the material collapse of a
white dwarf star) and reality eludes its grasp once and for all."

- Vaclav Havel, "Letters to Olga."

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